Portrait Palette and Sketch

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photo of several paint value scales

3-Day Portrait: Day 1

On Monday, we started a 3-day painting in my portraiture class at Multnomah Arts Center. I asked my students to mix up several value scales the night before, 5 values of each:

  • transparent iron oxide red + white (warm color)
  • indian red + white (cool color)
  • burnt umber + white (warm neutral)
  • ivory black + white (cool neutral)

painting by Jeremy Dubow

I find this palette to be extremely flexible for blocking in a painting. The first day is all about basic shapes and tones. Here I use primarily straight lines to simplify the drawing and the form. I work on proportion, value and temperature. Painting quickly, I use the colorful mixtures on the plains that reflect the most light and then move cooler and darker into the neutral tones to establish receding forms.

painting close up by Jeremy Dubow

Over the next 2 sessions I will continue to refine the drawing, colors and values to create a vibrant likeness of the model. Come back next week for day 2!