Photograph of Jeremy Dubow during a painting session.

Jeremy Dubow during a painting session.

The Process

Jeremy Dubow is currently accepting portrait commissions. People and pet portraits of all kinds are welcome and take approximately 2–8 weeks to complete, drying time included. Commissions are 100% archival and made with the finest oil paints and materials.

Portraits can be painted from existing photos provided they have enough information. A good photo is high resolution, with clear forms, details and colors. If you do not have ideal photos and live in the Portland, Oregon area, Jeremy is happy to schedule a photo shoot with the sitter(s).

Portraits of People

Portraits of people can be painted from life or from photographs. Paintings from life require multiple sessions with the sitter, and typically last three hours each. Depending on the complexity, a painting can require as few as 1–3 sittings, and up to 12 or more, but typically 4–6 sessions per sitter.

Portraits of Pets

Portraits of pets can only be painted from photographs.


Prices are based on size and complexity. A non-refundable deposit, equal to half the price of the commission, is due at the start of the painting, and the remainder is due upon its completion.

Commission a Portrait

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